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welcome to I2S

The business was founded in June 2004 as the Sofie Qidenus KEG. As a consequence of successful completion of the fundamental research into the underlying technologies and award of an FFG research grant, this young business was recipient of the Genius Prize 2004 for Innovation. 
Subsequent to the founding of Qidenus GmbH in February 2005, it was also admitted into the INiTS incubator, which enabled faster access to experts in all categories and rapidly accelerated development of the business. 
In the 1st Quarter 2006, preparations for transition to manufacture of the first QiVinci product were complete, allowing them to proceed smoothly into R & D for QiScan. Qidenus Technologies was also recognized with the i2b, Gewinn Jungunternehmer and Impulsprogramm prizes. 
Qidenus Technologies vision is to be the world’s premier resource partner for automated page-turners and to market a technology which will be a true aid to people with a variety of special requirements.