Medical records are extremely sensitive and valuable, covered by many guidelines and much legislation, including HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). It is crucial to keep them safe, access them quickly and securely, share them appropriately, and guard their integrity.


Hospital Solutions

Convert paper documents to digital for easy access and distribution, with one-touch scanning options. Devnet's workgroup solutions facilitate improved patient care and departmental productivity.


Physicians EMR/EHR

Take paper documents and back-file charts to address day-forward needs and convert them to usable digital information with easy, one-touch solutions that can improve your patient care.


Document Conversion

Save on storage costs and offer the tools to provide better patient care by converting hard copies to high quality digital images for easy access.


Revenue Cycle

Take your revenue cycle to the next level, from patient registration to billing and claims, to fulfill your A/P and business demands with easy-to-manage, customizable electronic information.




BPO Services