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KODAK i2900 Scanner

KODAK i2900 Scanner increases business productivity for desktop document capture Powerful, compact, and ready to take on virtually any document, the KODAK i2900 Scanner helps users streamline document management for a variety of business functions including finance, operations, legal, sales and human resources. Businesses looking to achieve new levels of productivity and user performance can rely on the i2900 Scanner to extract data from paper documents in support of their critical jobs and processes.

"The new i2900 Scanner reflects Kodak's continued dedication to improving customer efficiency through innovation," said Susan Moyse, Principal, Moyse Technology Consulting. "Improvements in paper handling, along with the compact design and combined functionality of the i2900, demonstrate Kodak's tenacious ability to maximize the scanning experience."
Easy-to-use features and a space-saving design make the i2900 a strong choice for any small business, department or branch office. With a footprint size of only 17″ x 15″, the i2900 ( combines a rotary scanner with a higher-than-average capacity feeder and a built-in, book-edge flatbed scanner. This unique, efficient and integrated design eliminates the need for two scanners on a desktop, offering a more compact setup for capturing images from book pages, magazines, folders and passports as well as applications, forms, invoices and other flat documents.
"The i2900 Scanner performs as a single desktop solution with customized setups, shortcuts and other automated features to handle up to A4 size documents," said Budd Webster, Business Director for Scanners and Document Imaging Category Management. "This powerful scanner delivers a rich, user-oriented experience that helps businesses redefine productivity."
Knowledge workers operating the i2900 benefit from its graphic user panel, which displays messages that relate to job name or job status. Businesses may customize these messages to request additional action related to scanned documents. Software integrators and providers can also use the intuitive feature to simplify how their application works with the i2900 by displaying job shortcuts assigned to preconfigured settings such as color, file type and file destination.
The i2900 also comes equipped with Kodak's Perfect Page technology, which delivers automatic image adjustments to further increase user productivity. Perfect Page finely tunes imaging and scanning characteristics to ensure optimal clarity and accuracy.
"The depth and diversity of features on the i2900 make it one of Kodak's most productive scanners ever," said Roger Markham, Kodak's Future Product Marketing Manager for Document Imaging. "Its effortless functionality empowers the end user to help businesses save time and money as they begin to automate their paper-intensive processes."
The i2900 Scanner includes Kodak's Intelligent Document Protection feature, which extends the paper jam protection provided from Kodak's Ultrasonic Multi-Feed detection. The new capability helps protect documents from physical damage by automatically pausing the paper transport and allowing the user to take appropriate action if the scanner detects the start of damage to a document.
The i2900 includes a 250-sheet feeder/elevator and delivers highly productive document scanning results with handling speeds of up to 60 pages per minute (ppm) at either 200 or 300 dots per inch (dpi) image quality in both color and black and white settings. A selectable rear-exit paper path serves as an ideal option for larger or thicker documents that pose a challenge for traditional rotary scanners. The i2900 Scanner can also attach to a post-scan rear-side imprinter. Dual LED illumination enables quick scanning starts and helps to ensure image clarity and color stability. The i2900 is compatible with TWAIN, ISIS and Linux-based scanning applications.
Kodak offers a portfolio of protection plans that help to maintain the performance of the i2900 for content management environments and other priority business workflows. KODAK Essential Productivity Services and KODAK Advanced Proficiency Services help businesses protect their investment and generate added value from enhancements in operational efficiencies.
Kodak is a global advisor and provider of integrated services to help companies transform and optimize their businesses. Through a network of service professionals in more than 120 countries, Kodak provides technical, professional, consulting and managed services to enable customers to focus on growing their businesses, maximizing productivity, and more effectively managing risks. All KODAK Products and Software are backed by KODAK Service and Support.
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