Loan application origination

Devnet offers an outsourcing infrastructure capable of efficiently processing all loan applications. To better manage loan processing, our unprecedented level of expertise and innovative back-office services collectively manage and capture data from the loan proposals to provide accurate client data and documents that can be directly fed back into your decision-making systems — ensuring that you have the most effective approach to loan application management. In the past, processing huge amounts of paper information was a high risk, low reward proposition — it was slow, manually intensive and open to abuse. Pertinent information held within the proposals is often scattered throughout the document, meaning that time consuming delays and inaccurate data were all common factors leading to missing deadlines.


Outsourcing the process to Devnet dramatically improves the average completion time for each proposal leading to considerable savings for your clients and also easier for higher management and boards to access and process the documents faster. The service includes ABBYY’s superior data capture technologies and DocuDex document management and workflow solution. The products and technologies that are being used to deliver the service fully comply with Bangladesh Bank’s IT security guidelines and ISO 27001 information security standards. Outsourcing this process will save your thousands of taka by reducing multiple photocopying and expensive delays and by transforming the process into a highly intelligent and flexible service — using high-volume scanning systems, state-of-the-art workflow solutions, hosted archives and secure data feeds.




  • Manage all loan application centrally; no need to keep HR for loan application processing in branches
  • No implementation, support or maintenance worries
  • Better regulatory compliance and penalty avoidance
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • faster and enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Effective management of customer information
  • Archive (both hard copy and soft copy) on demand service
  • No infrastructure cost
  • Lower cost with higher efficiencies
  • Secure data connectivity for electronic document delivery
  • State of art Intelligent document recognition technology
  • Scale the service as and when required
  • Free up expensive office spaces
  • Reduce photocopying and document organization and access cost.