Document management


Outsourcing your document management to us will help you streamline, manage, and control your documents efficiently and effectively. It will save your resources so that you can concentrate more on your core competencies. Our service will ensure round-the-clock access to most essential information, so that you may take strategic decisions on time and gain in competitive edge regardless your location.


Our Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) will speed up your communication processes and enhance business productivity through effective information sharing. From imaging and data capture through to formatting, indexing, database creation, storage, and retrieval - we offer a full range of cost competitive, high-quality document management services to put you in total control of your information on demand.


We also provide documents life-cycle management which begins at its creation; evolve through distribution, storage and access; and ends with archiving.




  • Faster ROI
  • No upfront investment
  • Pay as you use
  • Scalable service
  • Enjoy ISO 27002 standard security and practices
  • Access documents 24X7 regardless your location
  • Secure access via web (optional)
  • Keep a electronic copy of your documents